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'Winning Often Takes Effort'...But You Can Get My Personal Guidance...I Want You To Be A Part Of The Investors Club!


This is no ordinary "coaching program".

This is  designed to help transform your business ...damn near every WEEK.

I'm not just telling you what to do, I'm actually doing some of it for you ...and PERSONALLY helping you do it in a group setting!

Here's exactly what you're getting as a member of this elite program...

Four LIVE Video Conferences Every Month With Me, Personally!

Every Wednesday, you and I get on a video conference LIVE with your fellow members for the sole purpose of getting these things done:

Increasing Your Sales / Closings
We’ll do this by uncovering sales tactics that work, new note opportunity sources and strategies that are working, new closing sequences, and more.

Increasing Your Paydays
We’ll do this by deploying pricing strategies, that increase your commission and payouts. I’d be willing to bet the farm that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your business and dramatically increase your bottom line.

Increasing Customer Retention
Everyone knows this is where the real profit is. But are you doing it? And if you are…are you doing it as well as you could be? Many brokers only think about getting more new customers and forget the goldmines they have in their list of existing customers. I’ll give you an example: recently, I sent an email to a small base of clients (26 to be exact)That one email brought me deals that totaled $42,187.00 (an average of $6,026.71 per deal)  just from focusing on reaching out to existing customers.

Would you like to see the email framework?

The copy framework?

The offer structure?

…And the whole campaign?

Good. You’re in the right place.

But we’re just getting started...

You Also Get A FREE Training For The Life Of Your Membership

Training Series: Mortgage Investor Pro 

Included is my Mortgage Investor Pro training which includes tested and proven marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your business right away.

You get the training behind it, the copy framework, the email sequence framework, and the follow-up sequence framework!

And this isn’t some “Fluff” training!

You’re getting 8 video modules and about 15 hours of content and training and in it you will get actual campaigns based on what I’m personally using in my own business, so you know they’re effective.

What Do You Get With This Training...

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Industry

    • Welcome
    • Insight to the Industry
    • Tools of the Trade


  • Module 2: Myth Busters

    • In this module we countdown the Top 15 Real Estate Mortgage Investing Tips! (This module has 15 different video modules)
  • Module 3: Owner Financing

    • What is Owner Financing
    • Owner Financing for Sellers
    • Owner Financing for Buyers
  • Module 4: Branding

    • Building Your Business Plan
    • Determining Your Business Name
    • Building Your Website
    • Building Your List
  • Module 5: Advertising

    • Direct Mail
    • Reverse Ad Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Newsletters


  • Module 6: Networks

    • Working With Real Estate Agents
    • Working Wither Servicing Companies
    • Working With Title Companies
  • Module 7: Power of Credit

    • How You Can Pull Credit in the Industry
    • What Determines Credit Rating
  • Module 8: Finding the Deals

    • Where to Search for Deals
  • Module 9: Deal Flow

    • Sample File
    • Pricing Out the Deal
    • Presenting the Offer
    • Determining the Discount


  • Bonuses...

    • Note Holder Handbook
    • Note Calculator Software
    • Determining Your Discount
    • ABC’s Of Simos Video Session

>> Value of the Mortgage Investor Pro Training: $997.00 <<

Private Membership Site

Private Membership based assess to The Investors Club Website and Facebook Group: 24/7 365 Day Access

This site and Facebook group will be password protected and by  private invite only so that any info will only be accessible by The Investors Club Members ONLY.

The site as well as the Facebook Group will have the following:

Weekly Investors Club Webinar replay links: We will post each webinar on the site so you can access it at anytime. In addition, you will also receive over 1 years worth of prior Webinar replays (That's over 92 weeks of pure educational content)!

LIVE Recorded Calls of me calling sellers so you can listen and see how I approach each deal.

Unlimited Email support in between calls and deals

Private Email for your deals – So that you always get VIP service when you have questions or deals that need attention.

>> Value of the 92 Weeks of Prior Recordings : $4764.00 <<

>> Value of the LIVE Weekly Investors Club Webinars : PRICELESS <<

Membership Is Just $6.50 Per Day

…Which adds up to $197 a month.

Not prohibitively expensive …but enough to keep the knuckleheads out and enough to keep our membership deliberately small. I don’t want (or need) a huge subscriber base for this coaching program …just the right group of core Investors looking to take their business to the next level .

Now - this is the point where I’m supposed to tell you how much you’ll love being a member, how much money it’ll make you, and all of that. I won’t do that.

Instead …


Let's Do Something Different


How about we just let the value speak for itself?

You're not locked in to any contract and you can cancel any time. We're just an email away at support[at]pinnacle-investments.com.

So why not accept these gifts, attend the video conferences and let me help you with your business, deploy the education I give you, and see how it goes?

If you don’t think it’s easily worth twice the investment, fire me.

Just email me or call me to cancel and you’ll never be billed another dime.

You can cancel any time by emailing us at support[at]pinnacle-investments.com.

So go ahead and become a member today!

You'll be glad you did.

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What Do You Get By Signing Up Today

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    Weekly LIVE Webinars with Troy

  • 2

    Mortgage Investor Pro Training

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    Access To The Exclusive Private Member's Only Thriving Investor's Facebook Page

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to seeing you on the live video conferences!


Troy Fullwood

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